I Will Raise Him Up (John 6:36-40)

IMG_0017-0Easter Sunday, April 5, 2015

Even though the broader church annually commemorates the anniversary of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Reformed celebrate his resurrection weekly every Lord’s Day, the first day of the week on which he rose.

Because Jesus Christ has been raised, all who believe in him will be raised on the last day.

1. All the Father Gives – Jesus Christ is the Bread from Heaven who will satisfy the spiritual hunger and thirst of all who come to him and believe. God the Father is sovereign over who will come and believe in Jesus. Jesus will never cast out those believers given to him by his Father. We assume our own autonomy over our salvation, yet Jesus here clearly proclaims a predestinarian salvation that is the only source of true assurance.

2. Never Cast Out – Jesus will never cast out those given to him by his Father, and for whom he would die and rise while they were his enemies. Those who never come to him are the ones who will be cast out. Faith is what separates between those whom Christ will never cast out but raise on the last day from those who never come and will be cast out and judged on the last day.

Jesus identified with his people by taking on our humanity. Our humanity becomes his, so his life, death and resurrection may become ours. The certainty of our resurrection and salvation on the last day is due to our union with him to whom we have been given by the Father.
The resurrection of Jesus Christ is a fact attested to by eyewitness testimony. Attempts to prove otherwise will fail, because he is not there, but risen. Because he rose, those who die in faith will be raised to eternal life. Those who die without faith will be raised to condemnation. No one who goes to hell goes unwillingly. Now is the time to believe.

Listen to “I Will Raise Him Up (John 6:36-40) at mcopc.org.

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