Grace Irresistible (John 6:41-47)

IMG_0017-0On Sunday, April 12, 2015, after a Scripture reading from Isaiah 55:1-11, Pastor Joe Troutman preached “Grace Irresistible” from John 6:41-47.

Sinners do not have the power to come to Jesus, but the Father, in his sovereign power, draws sinners to himself.

1. Origins—The Jewish leaders grumble upon hearing Christ’s claim to divinity in his declaration that he is the Bread of Life. His revelation refutes their misguided preconceived notions about his nature. Confession of the deity of Christ is essential to true knowledge him.

2. Bonds of Slavery—Christ declares the universal inability of sinners to come to him (See John 8:34; Romans 6:16). God views sin differently than many today. He demands perfect and perpetual obedience. We cannot do what is expected of us. Though humankind was created perfect, we fell in and with our first parents, and so we are powerless and offensive to God outside of Christ.

3. Drawn Out and Set Free—If all are unable to come to Christ, then how can anyone be saved? By being drawn by the Father. This is the doctrine of Effectual Calling. God in his own perfect timing infallibly calls all who were chosen. God teaches us (Isaiah 54:13) and changes our will to lovingly embrace him. Just as he powerfully intervened in Egypt, so does he powerfully intervene for us. He illuminates our minds to understand his word. When he calls, we do not wish to resist. As the grumbling of the Jews demonstrates, you cannot come to Christ on your own, but if you believe Jesus Christ is Yahweh who brings you out of bondage to sin, then you have been drawn.
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