Characteristics of the Ten Commandments, part 2

Chuck CainOn Sunday, April 19, 2015 the adult Sunday school class continued to review twelve topics relating to the Ten Commandments. The five reviewed last week were summarized along with additional discussion regarding the liberty and benefits that the law provides us. The law communicates to us the attributes our God’s values, and because we love him we rejoice in emulating those values like we would those of an earthly father.

The following additional topics were reviewed this week:

6. The Law’s Eternal Validity
7. Examples of the Law Being Known Before Sinai
8. Types of Laws –
– moral, civil, and ceremonial; and errors in their understanding, such as theonomy and dispensationalism.
9. How the Decalogue Is Repeated and Fully Developed in the New Testament
10. The Three Uses of the Law
– It teaches God’s people how to live for his glory
– It restrains sin in society
– it reveals sinners’ need for a savior
Topic 11 was briefly introduced regarding hermeneutics of the Decalogue.—Chuck Cain

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