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April 30, 2015

The Words of Eternal Life (John 6:60-71)

IMG_0017On Sunday, April 26, 2015, Pastor Joe Troutman preached “The Words of Eternal Life” from (John 6:60-71).

The Word who is God is the Bread of Life who has the words of eternal life. There is no one else to whom we may look for salvation.

1. Taking Offense–Jesus’s Bread of Life discourse and his claim that eternal life only comes by eating his flesh and drinking his blood offends his multitude of disciples. Perceiving their offense at his words regarding the purpose of his descent, he confronts them with how much more offense they will take at his ascent to the cross, in his resurrection, and to the Father’s right hand in heaven.

2. Unbelieveing Disciples–How could disciples of Jesus turn away from following him? Because they followed by the power of the flesh rather than by the power of the Spirit. They had not been truly drawn by the Father to come to Christ in faith. The falling away of the multitude evidences the distinction between the visible and invisible church. The visible church can only discern the credibility of one’s profession of faith. The election of members of the visible church is presumed until evidence to the contrary surfaces.

3. I Chose You–Jesus asks the Twelve whether they would also depart in order to test their commitment to him. Peter speaks for the group, reaffirming their confession of faith in him as the only source of eternal life. Peter’s inconsistency gives us hope in our own inconsistency.

The Twelve can take no credit for their resolve to follow Jesus, because he actually had actively chosen and personally called on them to follow him. Only Judas would prove to not be a member of the invisible church, if you will. He followed for three years, yet was unable to draw himself to Christ by faith. Judas traveled with Jesus, lodged with him, served him, saw his miracles and heard his teachings, yet never believed.

Why did Jesus choose Judas, then? Scripture is not explicit on the reason why. But part of his foreordained humiliation on earth was to be betrayed by one close to him. Christ sympathizes with the sorrow of betrayal and hatred by close associates. He has expreienced such betrayal before you, and for you.

Jesus’s hard and offensive words would only serve to add to his earthly humiliation. He is the Offensive Word calling us to turn to him, for there is no other way to be saved but by repentance and faith which you cannot muster, but are the Father’s means of drawing you to Christ.

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