Priest’s Garments (conclusion), Consecration of Priests (Exodus 28-29)

Chuck CainOn July 12, 2015 the Adult Sunday School Class finished a review of the high priest’s garments described in Exodus 28 and initiated a review of chapter 29 regarding consecration of the priests.

The remaining garments discussed in chapter 28 included the blue robe (underlying the ephod and the breastplate) with a hem ornamented with pomegranates sewn with yarn alternating with bells of gold. The bells apparently signified the need for a careful, reverential approach to worship. Then described is the turban with its golden plate engraved with “Holy to the LORD.” The plate was to be positioned on Aaron’s forehead reminding us of the need to meditate upon God’s word. Finally, the underlying coat (tunic) and undergarments are described. Also described are the garments worn by Aaron’s priestly sons.

Chapter 29 describes the consecration of the priests. (Leviticus 8 is almost an identical chapter.) The word “consecrate” literally means “fill the hand.” That is, the priests were to have their “hands full” in full commitment to their service. Then three ceremonial acts are described. First, the priests are to be washed with water. Second, they are to be dressed in their priestly garments. Third, they are to be anointed with oil. These acts remind us that now we as new covenant priests (1 Peter 2:9) have been baptized (washed in the waters of regeneration), robed in righteousness (declared righteous), and anointed with the indwelling Holy Spirit.

A final part of the consecration ceremony involved three animal sacrifices on the bronze altar: a sin offering, a burnt offering, and a fellowship (or wave) offering. These will be studied further in the next lesson.

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