Yesterday, Today and Forever (John 8:48-59)

Podcast Art JohnOn Sunday, September 13, 2015, Pastor Joe Troutman preached “Yesterday, Today and Forever” from John 8:48-59.

By faith, Old Testament saints eagerly looked forward to Jesus’s coming in the flesh, and by faith we look back. All those who look to him by faith will be saved.

1. Are We Not Right?–Since Jesus questioned their pedigree, they dishonor him with their question to which he does not respond. His honor comes from his Father who is their Judge.

2. Are You Greater?–The Jews ask Jesus the right questions, but their sin blinds them to his answers. God not offended by our questions, but they must be asked knowing he is under no obligation to answer us. The Jews’s question of Jesus expressed disrespect for him. When you confront your Creator and Judge, you must do so humbly.

3. Who Do You Think You Are?–Jesus seeks not to glorify himself, as the Jews assume, but his Father, whom he knows and they do not.

4. Have You Seen?–Jesus was, is, and always will be the eternal Son of God and Mediator between God and man for sinners who believe in him as Abraham did.

Listen to “Yesterday, Today and Forever (John 8:48-59) at

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