Keeping the Heart: How to maintain your love for God

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Book Description

“The heart of man is his worst part before it is regenerated, and the best afterward; it is the seat of principles, and the foundation of actions. The eye of the God is, and eye of the Christian ought to be, principally set upon it. The greatest difficulty in conversion is to win the heart to God’ and the greatest difficulty after conversion is to keep the heart with God.” –John Flavel (1627-1691)

“Flavel is clear-headed and eloquent in the plain Puritan style, orthodox, Christ-focused and life-centered in his subject-matter, with his mind always set on advancing true godliness, with peace and joy in the Lord.” – J. I. Packer

This is John Flavel’s classic work on union and fellowship with God. In a comprehensive and helpful manner Flavel helps us understand better what ‘keeping the heart’ means. He tells us why we should take this commission seriously and speaks about there being particular times when we need to be especially wary of being distracted from our goal. He then shows how we can go on to develop a greater ability in keeping our hearts in tune with God. His advice is timeless, sensitive and profound.

Table of Contents

Introduction by J.I. Packer
Flavel’s Introduction
1. What the Keeping of the Heart Supposes and Imports
2. Assign Some Reasons Why Christians Must Make This the Great Business of Their Lives
3. Special Seasons in the Life of a Christian which Require our Utmost Diligence in Keeping the Heart

1. The time of prosperity
2. The time of adversity
3. The time of Zion’s troubles
The time of danger and public distraction
5. The time of outward wants
6. The season of duty
7. When receiving injuries and abuses from men
8. When we meet with great trials
9. The hour of temptation
10. The time of doubting and of spiritual darkness
11. When sufferings for religion are laid upon us
12. When we are warned by sickness that our dissolution is at hand

4. Improving and Applying the Subject

John Flavel

John Flavel (1627-1691)

About the Author

[John] Flavel was an English Puritan who was forced out of the Church of England in 1662 after Charles II was restored to the throne. Supported by his people he went on to preach illegally in private houses, woodlands and even on a rocky island in the middle of the Salcombe river estuary. When the restrictions were lifted by James II in 1687 his still-loyal congregation in Dartmouth, Devon immediately erected a large Church for him to continue his ministry, which he did until his death in 1691.

Source: Christian Focus

Paperback, 128 pages

Publisher: Christian Focus

Publication Date(s): 1999; reprinted with introduction by J.I. Packer in 2012

ISBN: 978-184550-648-3

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