Just As I Have Loved You (John 13:31-38)

Sermons John

On Sunday, February 14, 2016, Pastor Joe Troutman preached “Just As I Have Loved You” from John 13:31-38.

Because Christ has loved you with an everlasting love that sent him to the cross in your place, you must love one another.

1. Glory is at Hand (vs. 31-33)–Where Christ is going he goes alone, and what he goes to do he must do alone.

2. Love is a Verb (vs. 34-35) — The more you understand your sin, the better you understand his love for you and the better you understand what he expects of you. God loved us by becoming forever embodied in human flesh. Active, sacrificial love is that to which his disciples–and we–are called. We know more, so we must do more. What God requires of us, he has supplied for us. The love we show each other demonstrates we are his disciples.

3. From Declarations to Denial (vs. 36-38)–It is impossible to perfectly obey his command to love one another. Jesus provided the perfect example. Jesus was going to be a sacrifice alone, but Peter will follow him later in being crucified. Peter protests that he is willing to be sacrificed with Jesus. Christ foretells that Peter will fail to live up to his declaration of such self-sacrifice by denying him three times before the sun rises.

Peter tried with his words and failed with his actions. How like ours Peter’s unrealized zeal was. If Jesus died for Peter in such a sorry state, then he has likewise died for us who lack the ability to live up to what we declare that we will do. Love for each other is the fruit of our faith in Christ.

Listen to “Just As I Have Loved You” (John 13:31-38) at mcopc.org.

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