I Have Overcome the World (John 16:25-33)

Sermons JohnOn Sunday, April 24, 2016, Pastor Joe Troutman preached, “I Have Overcome the World” from John 16:25-33.

By his death, Jesus overcame the world, and we who were once of the world have been overcome by unmerited grace.

1. Types and Shadows—After Pentecost, by sending the Holy Spirit, Jesus’s disciples and all future believers will be told plainly about the Father by Christ through the Holy Spirit in conjunction with God’s word.

2. We Believe–The Father loves us, and we have become his children through the life, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit of adoption. Because of this, Jesus has given us permanent access to the Father.

3. Take Heart—As Jesus Christ has in the past conquered sin, death and hell on the cross, in him we will in the future conquer the world, the flesh and the devil through faith in him.

Listen to “I Have Overcome the World” (John 16:25-33) at mcopc.org.

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