Compliance and Punishment (John 18:38b-19:6)

Podcast Art JohnOn Sunday, July 31, 2016, Pastor Joe Troutman preached “Compliance and Punishment” from John 18:38b-19:6.

Jesus’s perfect compliance to his Father’s will resulted in his execution so all traitors who believe might be forgiven.

1. Judge’s Verdict—Even a corrupt heathen like Pontius Pilate could see Jesus was innocent.

2. Leader’s Volition—Jesus—THE Truth—exposed the Jewish leaders’ lies, and they willed his death.

3. Son’s Victory—That which man intends for evil—the Jews’ crucifixion of Christ, as well our own sins—God intends for good, that all who repent and believe may be saved.

Listen to “Compliance and Punishment” (John 18:38b-19:6) at

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