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October 10, 2016

Joshua: No Falling Words (Focus on the Bible)

Status: Available

4525-1&2 THESSBook Description:

This exposition is rooted first in a thorough analysis of the Hebrew text, employing helpful insights from archaeology and linguistics, and second in the major theological and literary themes discovered in each section. Finally the author brings the fragments together in an expository treatment ‘that is not ashamed to stoop to the level of application.’

dale-ralph-davisAbout the Author:

Dale Ralph Davis is Minister in Residence, First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, South Carolina. Prior to that he was pastor of Woodland Presbyterian Church, Hattiesburg, Mississippi and Professor of Old Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary, Jackson, Mississippi.

224 Pages
Publisher: Christian Focus
Publication Date: 2000, Reprinted 2010
ISBN: 9781845501372

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May 10, 2016

Stones of Remembrance (Joshua 4:1-10)

Sermons JohnOn Sunday, May 1, 2016, Pastor Joe Troutman preached, “Stones of Remembrance” from Joshua 4:1-10.

God will not allow his people to forget his saving act of redemption through the life, death and resurrection of his Son.

1. Twelve Stones—Just as God desired the Israelites never forget the miraculous crossing of the Jordan River into the Promised Land, so he desires for us never to forget the miraculous saving work of his Son on the cross.

2. When Your Children Ask—The bread and wine of the Lord’s Supper, which we hold in our hands, takes us back to the most significant event in history, the death of the Son of God in the place of sinners. We need to be reminded of the good things that God has done for us, and God has instituted that memorials be set up to make us remember, so when our covenant children ask the meaning of the elements, we had best be ready to explain.

3. Obedience to the Lord—God has commanded you to remember what he has done in Christ for sinners, and we ought regularly to remind ourselves, lest we forget.

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