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April 10, 2015

Israel at Mount Sinai, Part 2 (Exodus 19:7-25)

Chuck Cain Sunday, April 5, 2015–The adult Sunday School lesson this week concluded a study of Exodus 19. After the LORD provided Moses with a statement of covenant renewal, Moses descended the mountain, called the elders of Israel, and set before them all the words that the LORD had commanded him. Upon hearing these words, the people responded positively, and Moses ascended the mountain a second time to report the people’s commitment.

The LORD then tells Moses to go down and consecrate the people before the LORD descends upon the mountain in three days to speak to them. They are to wash their garments, suspend sexual relations with their wives, and Moses is to set limits so that none of the people will touch the mountain when the LORD descends. These preparations point to God’s holiness.

On the appointed day, the LORD descends upon Sinai in a thick cloud accompanied by thunder, lightning, and a very loud trumpet blast. The transcendent God now displays his immanence. (The Bible describes the LORD as both transcendent and immanent. False religions view God as immanent only–such as pantheists–or as transcendent only–such as deists.)

The people tremble with fear at the sight of this theophany. The LORD calls Moses to ascend the mountain a third time whereupon he is told once again to warn the people not to touch the mountain. Moses descends and tells the people.

The chapter ends anticipating the LORD speaking directly to the people his Ten Commandments. – Chuck Cain

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April 1, 2015

Exodus 19:1-6 Israel at Mount Sinai

Chuck CainThe March 29, 2015 adult Sunday School class studied Exodus 19:1-6. This section announces the Israelites arrival at Mount Sinai in the first two verses. Israel had departed Egypt 2 1/2 months earlier. They will spend almost 11 months at Sinai which will take the study through the remainder of the book of Exodus.

Verses 3-6 has been described as the heart of the OT. It pronounces a renewal of God’s covenant with Israel. It includes elements of the ancient suzerainty/vassal treaty including a preamble in verse 3, a historical prologue in verse 4, and the beginning of a stipulations section in verse 5. God describes how he had delivered Israel from Egypt and brought them to himself. The covenant states that IF they obey his commands they shall be his treasured possession among all people. Of course they will fail, but their failures will be atoned for by the blood of Jesus Christ under the New Covenant to come.

The section ends with a strong statement of monotheism: “all the earth is mine.”

Under the covenant Israel is declared to be a “kingdom of priests and a holy nation.” That is, they will speak to God for the world and will become the depositors of his Word. — Chuck Cain

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