Our growing church library!

Our growing church library!

You are reading the weblog for the library of Mid-Cities Presbyterian Church, in Bedford, Texas. This blog is an online resource facilitating our membership in finding a book best suited to their interests, and in discussing what they learn or what they think about these books with the librarian, the elders, and other patrons of the library. This blog is a work in progress. Titles already in the library are still being added, so check back regularly to see the latest entries.

For the convenience of the church library patron, this blog organizes its contents on three separate pages:

the Home page consists of all the posts in order of their addition to the blog;

the Author page contains an alphabetical list of the authors’ names which links to all the books in our library written by each respective author;

the Title page consists of an alphabetical list of all the titles in the church library, which links to its corresponding blog post.

In the sidebar along the right side of the blog is the Categories list. This serves as a way to search all of the subjects and authors represented by the books in our library.

At the bottom of each book post there is a Comments section in which readers may ask questions, discuss what they’re learning from the books they’re reading, or express opinions both critical or complimentary.

John D. Chitty's Gravatar (click for more info)

John D. Chitty’s Gravatar (click for more info)

The church librarian, and administrator of this blog is John D. Chitty. If you have need of further assistance in navigating this blog, or if you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to email him at genevanhelpline@gmail.com. John’s personal blog is called The Misadventures of Captain Headknowledge (the content of which does not necessarily reflect the views of the session of Mid Cities Presbyterian Church).

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